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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Probate And Guardianships

Managing the affairs of a loved one can be a daunting task. This notion could be especially true for you when its undertaking accompanies the death or aging of a beloved family member. Uncertainty surrounds these circumstances which lead to many questions as you and your family prepared to manage a loved one’s estate.

Crothers Law, S.C., has guided families through uncertain times with a focus on professionalism, honesty and ethics. Our law firm has been locally owned and family-operated since 2008. We are proud to serve as a resource to families in Milwaukee and Eastern Wisconsin.

Through our decades of experience, we have grown to understand the concerns of families around the area and hope to address some of your primary concerns here.

How Do We Proceed With Probate When There Is No Will?

Unfortunately, nearly half of all Americans die without a will. If your family is in this scenario, known as “intestate succession,” Wisconsin state law dictates some of the processes. Additionally, certain assets may have predetermined beneficiary designations.

Your family may have to go to court, but this can sometimes be avoided. Regardless of your situation, an attorney can act as an adviser and mediator through the probate process.

How Long Does The Guardianship Process Take?

Establishing guardianship for a loved one requires a specific legal process. The amount of time it takes to secure a guardianship can vary depending on the circumstances of your family or loved one.

Preparation is critical to show you have the best interests of a loved one in mind, and our attorney can help you start correctly and follow your family through to their day in court.

Family-Focused Guidance For Every Circumstance

At Crothers Law, S.C., our family-focused attorney is prepared to answer your questions related to probate and guardianship, including:

  • Elder law
  • Special needs trusts
  • Guardianships
  • Contested wills

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